708 Greenwich Street

by Bulado Construction

708 Greenwich St – Exterior Restoration Project

Our team here at Bulado General Contractors recently started working on the exterior restorations at 708 Greenwich Street in New York City. We are only in the first month of work at this project, but we have already mobilized and set up everything necessarily to properly perform the masonry restorations on the building. Some of the work to be completed on the building in the coming months includes:

·         Repair with Cathedral Stone patching mortar according to manufacturers procedures (areas at walls C floors 2-4 watertables, sills & window surrounds)

·         Repair masonry defects by cutting out brick units

·         Saw cut brick masonry mortar joints

·         Repair spalled and/or cracked stone lintels and sills

·         Replace in-kind stone sill

·         Hammer test all steel pintels

·         Repair concrete steps

·         Replace rusted lintels

·         Repair hole in sheet metal

·         Repair masonry defects at West façade

·         Remove bitumen coating and repoint brick masonry

·         Repoint vertical joint

·         Remove existing window sealant at all windows and reseal all window frames

·         Seal around opening of A/C units

·         Scrape, prime and paint all steel lintels and steel pintels