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Highview Creations : High View Creations specializes on green roof design, consultation, installation and maintenance. Their expertise comprises all types of green roofs including extensive (3-6" soil depth, primarily sedum/succulent plantings), intensive (6+ inches of soil depth, consisting of native/herbaceous/ perennial plantings), and a combination of the two. Often times in green roof development, there are many factors that come into play including structural integrity of the roof (load bearing capacity), irrigation techniques, and maintenance. Because each roof is unique, High View formulates an approach to create a long-term productive and successful green-roof. When there are issues with weight, irrigation, and overall utility, they customize the design, plantings, and irrigation (or irrigation substitutes via water capture methods) so that every roof can work.

NYC Department of Buildings : For all construction permits and plan examinations, please visit the Department of Buildings link above.

NYC Department of Design and Construction : Looking for information on NYC capital projects? Look no further

NYC Rules : Restoration of a Building and Facade Features

OSHA : Here at Bulado we take safety seriously. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that ensures safe working conditions for all personnel. Please follow the link above for OSHA training and safety information.



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