60 Thomas Street - Masonry Restoration & Repairs

by Bulado Construction in

We recently started our masonry restoration and repairs job at 60 Thomas Street in TriBeCa. The project consists of the following:

  • Powerwashing and painting entire facade
  • Lintel repairs on front facade
  • Metal repairs on floor facings
  • Repainting diamond plate at building ramp
  • Pointing
  • Window refurbishment
  • Steel channel reinforcement
  • Limestone repairs
  • Repointing stone work
  • Roof, interior parapet, coping, and bulkhead repairs

So far, the project has progressed well and in a timely fashion. Below please see some pictures from the work at the project site.

2685 University Avenue - Project Update

by Bulado Construction

We are nearing completion of our project at 2685 University Ave in the Bronx. The project consisted of replacing two roof parapets. The existing parapets were demolished down to the top floor window lintels and all stone work was saved for re-installation at the end of the project. As part of the project we replaced all window lintels by the two parapet walls, and new parapets were build with all required waterproofing, wall ties, and weep hole - matching the original height and aesthetic. 

Below are some pictures of the work completed at the site:

35-37 78th Street - Cornice Replacement

by Bulado Construction

Project Location: 35-37 78th Street

Scope of Work: 

  • Mobilization
  • Pipe Scaffold and Side Walk Bridge
  • Demolishing of existing cornice and parapet
  • Cornice and parapet replacement

We are currently in the middle of our project at 35-37 78th Street in Jackson Heights, NY. As you can see in the pictures below, we are currently working on the replacement of the existing cornice. More pictures to follow when the project is completed. 

56 Thomas Street – Masonry & Parapet Repairs

by Bulado Construction

56 Thomas Street – Masonry & Parapet Repairs

We recently completed our masonry and parapet repairs project at 56 Thomas St, New York, NY. The project initially started in September 2014, when the building was mobilized and set up for further work, which consisted of:

·         Pointing and powerwashing all masonry on the North façade

·         Siloxane/aquathane waterproofing of the North façade

·         Re-painting of the North façade cornice

·         Scraping and painting of all five (5) French balconies

·         Sill repairs of sheet metal coping/covers on 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floors

·         Repainting of the North façade

·         Repainting of diamond plate ramp at building entrance

·         Structural expansion joint replacement

·         Painting of bulkhead cladding

·         Roof deck repairs & furnishing/installation of a 20-year Siplast roof system

Overall the project at 56 Thomas Street has been very successful. Despite the harsh winter, the repairs were completed in a timely fashion. Below please see pictures of some of the final work at the North façade of 56 Thomas Street.