2685 University Avenue - Project Update

by Bulado Construction

We are nearing completion of our project at 2685 University Ave in the Bronx. The project consisted of replacing two roof parapets. The existing parapets were demolished down to the top floor window lintels and all stone work was saved for re-installation at the end of the project. As part of the project we replaced all window lintels by the two parapet walls, and new parapets were build with all required waterproofing, wall ties, and weep hole - matching the original height and aesthetic. 

Below are some pictures of the work completed at the site:

35-37 78th Street - Cornice Replacement

by Bulado Construction

Project Location: 35-37 78th Street

Scope of Work: 

  • Mobilization
  • Pipe Scaffold and Side Walk Bridge
  • Demolishing of existing cornice and parapet
  • Cornice and parapet replacement

We are currently in the middle of our project at 35-37 78th Street in Jackson Heights, NY. As you can see in the pictures below, we are currently working on the replacement of the existing cornice. More pictures to follow when the project is completed. 

3010 Valentine Ave - Case Study

by Bulado Construction


In May 2013, in agreement with S.W. Management, Bulado General Contractors Corp. began the façade and chimney/parapet restoration at 3010 Valentine Avenue, Bronx, NY. The project, expected to last slightly over a year, included roof replacement, parapet replacement, and various others scopes of work listed below.


Owner:                     S.W. Management LLP

Architect:                 Zaskorski & Notaro Architects, AIA, LLP

Project Address:      3010 Valentine Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458


·         Parapet Replacement

·         Sill to Lintel Repairs

·         Corner Window Column and Panning

·         Lintel Replacement

·         Replace Single Bricks

·         Single Wythe Brick Replacement

·         Wood Joist Replacement

·         Repointing

·         Repair Bricks at Fire Escapes

·         Side and Roof Mounted Roof Vents

·         Aluminum Cladding

·         Roof Replacement

·         Door Replacement

·         Chimney Reconstruction

·         Base Flashing for Skylight


We went into 3010 Valentine knowing it was a challenging project; one could observe cracks running the height of the building about 4’ from each corner, giving the illusion of falling brick panels.  Before doing any explorations we decided to demolish the parapet walls (part of the scope of work) and thereby remove pressure from the corners.  When probes were finally performed we observed severe corrosion of the steel from which the window lintels hung, requiring us to reinforce the columns with ½” welded plates.  The new brick panels were installed with expansion joints and stainless steel slip-set stabilizers.  When corners protrude significantly there can be severe temperature variations along a brick wall; inadequate provisions for expansion and contraction can lead to severe cracking, which is what the design team hypothesized was the building cracking culprit.  The new expansion control system in place will allow the building to respond to temperature fluctuations in a way that preserves the integrity of the building.