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Facade Restoration Project NYC
Facade Restoration Project in NYC


Address: 60, West 76th Street, New York, NY 10023

Type of Work: Facade Restoration

Project Date: 2004

In 2004, Bulado General Contractors was retained by Janoff and Olshan, a full service, national real estate development and investment firm to restore the sandstone ornaments at 60 W 76th St in New York, NY. The building at the time had suffered from severe erosion of its cornices, water tables, sills and balconies over exposure to years of inclement weather. The Landmark status of the building and the engineering specifications called for nothing but the highest standards of quality, which required the masonry artists, materials and skills available only to a specialized contractor like Bulado. In some instances, the weathering had caused entire sections of the balconies to fall apart, requiring new pieces to be rebuilt from the plane of breakage, and securing to the old with stainless steel pins and an epoxy-based adhesive. The goal of the project was to ensure the restoration work preserved the intent and expression of the structure when it was first conceived in the architect’s mind, all the while matching the color of the facade that had remained in place.

In addition, the building facade required some cosmetic procedures to bring out its original aesthetics like powerwashing and painting the cornice and fire escapes. The facade had accumulated a substantial amount of carbon monoxide and had to be cleaned with a stone-sensitive restoration cleaner to protect the sandstone while the sheet metal cornice had some of its missing pieces replaced. The cornice was also treated with rust inhibiting marine-grade coatings. 60 W 76th St stands as a testament to our dedication to providing only the highest quality of craftsmanship every single time.

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