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             Pictured above is an example of masonry work completed at Address Here - a full facade restoration completed by Bulado General Contractors. 


1. What are some common signs of facade deterioration?

Some of the common signs of facade deterioration are:

  • Cracked Paint
  • Cracks in Masonry
  • Deterioration of Mortar Joints (missing mortar, holes in mortar joints)
  • Deterioration of Sealant Joints (adhesion failure, cohesion failure, reversion)
  • Deterioration of Window Systems (gaps at gasket corners, caulked over weep holes, wet finishes)
  • Displaced Elements - Debris
  • Mold
  • Rust Stains (expansion of rust can cause spalls)

If you see any of these signs, your facade may need repairing. Please contact us at 718-803-6400 for more information.

2. What is Local Law 11?

NYC Local Law 11 requires that all buildings six stories or higher must have their facades inspected every five years and certified by NYC Department of Buildings (see our links section for the DOB website and other useful sites). The law was established in order to detect hazardous conditions cause by damaged facades and ensure the safety of pedestrians, residents, and neighboring buildings.

3. What is the difference between face bricks and common bricks?

Common bricks are made with brick clay without any special surface treatment. Most common bricks are red with color and texture varying within a single brick.

Face bricks are more attractive than common bricks, with a better/smoother finish. Face bricks come in more options as they are the bricks seen on the outside surface of a building.

4. What is brick veneer?

Brick veneer is a covering brick that covers a wood frame. Brick veneer is easy to install and more affordable than common brick. It has a simple foundation and support system that can be installed at any time after building construction. 

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