88-25 & 88-29 155th Ave – Façade Repairs

by Bulado Construction

88-25 & 88-29 155th Ave – Façade Repairs

The project at 88-25 and 88-29 155th Avenue in Howard Beach, NY started a few month ago. We started in late March 2015 by mobilizing the building and preparing it for various façade repairs. Once the building was fully mobilized, our men began work on the balconies of the two buildings, completing partial depth concrete repairs, sealing cracks and joints at the balcony floors, and setting new compound at the balcony posts. In addition, we are working on applying waterproof coating to the balcony fascia, floors, and ceilings. Over the next few month, we will be completing the rest of the project, which includes:

·         Brick replacement

·         Repairing cracked mortar joints

·         Lintel replacement

·         Scraping, priming, and painting rusted lintels

·         Replacing cracked stones over lintels

Please check back soon for further updates. Below please find pictures from the site where we have mobilized for all the balcony repairs.