200-206-216 West 99th Street - Complete Project

by Bulado Construction

After over a year of working on this project, we have finally completed it in January 2016. The project consisted of facade, roof and parapet work on buildings 200, 206, and 216 on West 99th Street. 


  • Brick stitching
  • Pointing
  • Spandrel repairs
  • Fire escape repairs and painting
  • Steel lintel replacement
  • New window caulking
  • Brick replacement
  • Other miscellaneous work 

Roof and Parapet:

  • Complete roof replacement on all 3 buildings
  • Metal cladding on bulkheads
  • Rebuilt small parapet walls
  • Joist repairs
  • Parapet railings
  • Lintel reinforcement

Below please see some pictures from the completed project.