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Beginning of facade restoration work at West 99th Street in New York City - Bulado General Contractors Corp.


Bulado General Contractors Corp. is a licensed facade restoration and masonry repair contractor based in Queens, New York.

Facade restoration is important for both aesthetic and safety reasons. While cracked bricks and mortar joints may be unpleasant to the eye, they are integral to the structure of the facade. Some of the common factors leading to facade problems and the need for facade restoration include: flawed building design, improper installation, freeze damage, water penetration damage, and corrosion. 

As licensed riggers for more than twenty years, our scaffolds can be found all throughout New York. Our facade restoration services include Local Law 11 inspections and remediation work, power-washing, pointing, lintel and brick replacement, caulking, parapet rebuilding, stucco, brownstone, limestone, terracotta and cast iron ornament repairs.

Masonry Restoration & Repair Services

  • Application of waterproof coatings to masonry
  • Application of water repellants to masonry
  • Brick veneer installation
  • Installation of masonry ties
  • Masonry anchor installation
  • Masonry crack repairs
  • Pointing and re-pointing of mortar joints
  • Rebuilding and restoration of masonry wall

Stone & Terracotta Restoration & Repair Services

  • Dutchman patch of deteriorated stone areas
  • Re-pointing of stone facades
  • Re-pointing of terracotta joints
  • Rebuilding of stone facades and parapets
  • Removal and replacement of decorative stones
  • Removal and replacement of terracotta units
  • Stone cleaning services
  • Terracotta patching

Below are some of our most common restoration techniques:

Brick restoration techniques:

  • Caulking
  • Cleaning
  • Coating
  • Cutting
  • Pinning
  • Pointing
  • Removal
  • Replacement
  • Re-pointing
  • Stabilization
  • Veneer

Stone restoration techniques:

  • Carving
  • Cleaning
  • Cutting
  • Pinning
  • Pointing
  • Removal
  • Replacement
  • Re-pointing

Stucco restoration techniques:

  • Pinning
  • Pointing
  • Removal
  • Replacement
  • Re-pointing

Facade Restoration Options:

  1. Full removal and replacement of facade
  2. Partial removal and re-anchoring of selected facade sections
  3. Full re-anchoring of the facade

For our Local Law 11 services, please check out our Local Law 11 section by clicking here.


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